3 Traits That Make A Fantastic Server Hosting Company

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There are a great many factors that make a first class server hosting company, but how about the most important ones? For example does a dedicated server company really need to have a fantastic website to keep your server online and support you when you need it? Do they really need customer service that good that they call you once a month to ask how you are? While it might add to a nice experience, is it necessary? Here are the three top things that in my mind, make the best of server hosting companies.

A brilliant server host will have excellent uptime and reliability. I was tempted to put support first, however if you have a host with great uptime and reliability, you shouldn't need support. To achieve excellent uptime, a host should employ a number of good hosting practises. The first is to use business grade hardware. I mean rack-mounted, branded hardware. Some companies, believe or not, host websites on dedicated servers that are simply home desktops! You must try and avoid these companies. The network needs to be able to cope with the demands of large traffic spikes. The organisation of the company is extremely important. A well organised company is less likely to run into issues. Whereas a badly organised server host can end up rebooting the wrong server, or worse still, formatting it!

Technical support only just comes in at second. It's very important a server host manages their customer's expectations very carefully. You have some customers who expect instant responses. Then there are other customers who wait for days for a reply. If the query is trivial, a same day response is okay. However, in an emergency, you really want an instant response. Find yourself a company that can offer you this level of support the rare time you need it.

The best server hosts also stand out on pricing. You might not believe this, given we are told 'we get what we pay for'. However, this point seems very relevant given the current economic climate. There are a great many companies working on overstretched budgets. IT is normally one area that is culled first. Thus saving on server hosting is very important. Don't be led to believe you need to pay ten times more just to be looked after. There are many companies overcharging for what other server hosts do better at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, always do your research. If you can avoid contracts protecting the company and not you, it is worth avoiding doing so. Similarly try and not pay your hosting fees up front for a year. You'll need your data in order to move on if your host disappears. There are many good server hosting companies out there- just starting Googling to uncover them!

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3 Traits That Make A Fantastic Server Hosting Company

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This article was published on 2010/12/11