Advantage of Server Monitoring Tool

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With the advent of the IT industry and booming every industry is following the IT infrastructure management services in which the server monitoring is very popular. It is the base of the whole network set up and the server should run at every time and every downtime hampers the whole business process as it totally depends on it.

Server monitoring is just a process to watch and maintain your servers health so that the downtime should be reduced and increase the productivity of the business. Mainly the work of this process is to describe the method of automatically scanning servers on networks for any downtime or failure. It also allows the users to proactively find and solve the unexpected problem before they give any impact to the end user or customer.

With the requirements of the market and trends and multi vendor environment, most of the engineers require a server monitoring tool that works on various technologies and platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris and VMware etc. Different server monitoring tools use different technologies for availability monitoring and other monitoring factors like CPU load, disk usage and temperatures. They can also be considered for ESX Server monitoring and XEN Server monitoring. These tools are used by most of the Server Management Services providers also.

There are many tools with different features like:

  1. Pingdom – it is also available in iPhone application, maintains your website and giving sms and email alerts.
  2. Dotcom-Monitor – it increases your uptime and provides sms alerts, email reports and charts.
  3. McAfee Secure – it provides security to your website from spam, viruses and other viruses.
  4. Webmetrics GlobalWatch – it monitors a various range of websites, applications and services. It also gives detailed performance reports and alerts.
  5. Nimsoft Monitoring Solution – another monitoring solution which is quick and easy to install.

There are many others like Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor, Nagios is another good one which also gives you snapshots of the whole network operating. All these tools and monitoring processes provide various business benefits to the users enhancing the productivity of the business. It helps to optimize and proper utilization of the resources which in turn minimizes the cost on new infrastructure. It also helps in easy identification of outages and downtimes, reduces the human error. You can save a lot of your operational expenses on IT. The best thing is that the quality of work increases and this gives the company customer retention benefit.

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Advantage of Server Monitoring Tool

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Advantage of Server Monitoring Tool

This article was published on 2011/11/08