Difference Between Shared Hosting And Dedicated Servers

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You have reached this article probably because you wish to upgrade your knowledge regarding shared hosting and how it is different from dedicated servers. Servers or better known as dedicated communication computers are those that enables the users to host a website of their own in the internet. It might be for public or private viewing. However, before you decide on any web host, it is important for you to have a registered domain. You must also have the ability to create pages which will have to be uploaded in due course of time. There are some hosts that will provide you with some basic tools which will serve your purpose.

There are basically three types of hosting services from which you can choose. These are service-virtual private servers, shared servers and dedicated servers. Here in this article let us discuss the difference between shared and dedicated servers to have a better idea of what it is all about. One major difference between these two servers is the amount of control that a user has on the site and the responsibilities that the users share in running the website. As in the case of shared servers, the users tend to share the maintenance that is required to run the websites consistently and continuously.

Shared web hosting is actually a platform where small to medium group business and users can launch their own website to serve their purpose without having to invest much. This is the best for beginners and entrepreneurs who have just started. Shared web hosting offers limited bandwidth and storage capacity, but it is the best hosting services for those who do not expect much traffic and who don't have to upload media files. Those using the shared hosting will be responsible for the maintenance and the organization of files that are applicable.

In comparison, dedicated web hosting offer more advanced features than shared servers. This is because dedicated servers are allotted to a single website. Just as the name suggest it is dedicated to each website on which it is hosted. This type of server is beneficial to those users who are expecting large number of traffic. They offer more bandwidth and storage capacity. And this enables these hosts to handle the websites with ease. Also in such servers, the information can be exchanged more securely.

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Difference Between Shared Hosting And Dedicated Servers

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This article was published on 2011/03/22